Mulch Services

From sales to service, we can handle any size mulching job. We offer customers a variety of mulches from natural to color-enhanced. We use a state of the art blower to place mulch which allows for project completion at an accelerated pace, while maintaining the integrity of your existing lawn. The blower applications also enable Site Tech to get to troublesome, hard to reach areas.

Call Site Tech with your specific needs, and we will be happy to work with you in a cost-effective manner.


When it comes to the outdoor areas of your home, Site Tech offers a number of services designed to add value to your property while enhancing its visual appeal. Whether you're looking for a retaining wall to increase living space, pavers for additional parking or to create a patio for cookouts, or a relaxing water feature where you can unwind, we are the company to call.

Regardless of the need, allow Site Tech to create a beautiful, unique hardscape designed specifically for you and your property.


Compost Filter Sock

Site Tech is your most reliable local turnkey erosion and sediment control company in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio, offering industry leading field install services to the Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale territories.

Our field installation service includes both track and truck mounted equipment allowing Site Tech the flexibility to match our site and customers with the most economical option for installations in even the most unique of job sites. Our crews can meet the demands of the geography to initiate a proper field installation and to ensure all local and state requirements are met for your environmental services.

The field installers at Site Tech are all properly trained and certified in job site safety to ensure we keep your project both safe and on time. From small-scale to large-scale projects, our experience allows us to exceed our clients' field installation requirements. For more on our job site safety, please click here.


Site Tech offers elite turnkey fencing services to multiple industries in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Our silt fence and super silt fence capabilities effectively provide sediment control to protect water quality in nearby streams, rivers and lakes due to stormwater runoff. Our staff is trained and qualified to carry out proper installation, accurate placement and adequate maintenance of all silt fencing and super silt fencing.

At Site Tech, we also offer the following fencing services to the Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale territories:

Safety Fencing
Silt Fencing
Super Silt Fencing
Reinforced Fencing
Polymer Retention Fence


Site Tech's hydroseeding services are second to none in the Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale territories of West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

When it comes to hydroseeding, we don't take short cuts. Our trained professionals take the time to figure out the best hydroseeding method for your jobsite, all while staying on budget and meeting project deadlines. With Site Tech's hydroseeding services, you can look forward to saving time and money, and watching your jobsite begin to flourish within a week of hydroseeding.

Land Clearing

When it comes to professional land clearing, Site Tech is your turnkey, one-stop-shop for reliable services in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

At Site Tech, we offer both mechanical and hand cutting services. We have the skill and knowledge to provide a variety of land clearing services including harvesting, whole-tree chipping, hauling, and stump grinding.

Since our inception, we've cleared thousands of acres with a proven track record of safety, flexibility and reliability. When you need land clearing done right, contact Site Tech today.